Smith Hale College Preparatory

Smith-Hale Middle School

Smith-Hale Middle School

Contact Information

Dr. Hayet Woods, Principal
Dr. Hayet Woods
Vice Principal
   Ms. Venita Thurman 
Vice Principal
   Mr. Bill Brooks

 Office: 816-316-7700
Nurse: 816-316-7613
Attendance: 816-316-7672
Registrar: Kathy Davis: 816-316-7685
8925 Longview Road 
Kansas City, MO 64134
School Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:30-3:30
  Wednesday: 8:30-2:30


Mission / Vision / Goals

Mission & Vision

The mission of Smith-Hale Middle School is to foster the academic and social growth of our students while empowering them to become lifelong critical thinkers who are accountable for their academic success.


Smith-Hale Middle School will ensure that every student...

Is on track academically.

Will read at or above grade level

Will be proficient (or above) on the MAP test in both math and communication arts.

Will believe in themselves and their future while self-regulating their behaviors and actions.

Build capacity at all levels of the system to increase student achievement including our staff, students, parents and community members.

 "Hard work - Pays off!"