KC Scholars

  • KC Scholars: Your Future. Our Future. KC Scholars was designed to create life-changing opportunity for thousands of individuals and to positively transform the region’s workforce and economy. Their traditional and college savings match scholarships have had a tremendous impact in the Kansas City community, including a substantial number of scholarships given to HMC-1 graduates.


    Deadline to apply: February 28, 2020


    KC Scholars Traditional Scholarship

    • Up to $10,000 per year up to 5 years
    • Awarded at the end of 11th grade
    • Awarded directly to the college or university of enrollment
    • Scholars must maintain a cumulative 2.5 high school GPA and enroll full-time in college the semester immediately following high school graduation and remain enrolled full-time in order to remain eligible.
    • Visit the website for more information.


    College Savings Account/Match

    • Awarded during a student's 9th grade year
    • Must have at least a 2.5 GPA in 9th grade
    • At least 500 students will be selected to have a 529 college savings account opened for them, with a $50 deposit.
    • At least 50 students will receive a 4:1 match on college savings, not to exceed $5,000
    • Additionally, up to $2,000 available to students who achieve college-ready milestones during high school
    • One-time award paid directly to the college
    • Visit the website for more information.