Profile of an HMC-1 Graduate

  • Our goal is for every student to exit Ruskin High School being college and career ready. Therefore, all graduates from the district will leave with the following experiences and tools below.

    Small Learning Communities

    Provide career-themed cohorts aimed at providing opportunities for students to explore post-graduation interests. Available cohorts, known as "houses" are:

    • Arts & Communication
    • Business & Finance
    • Engineering & Technology
    • Health & Human Services

    Off-Campus College & Career Experiences

    All students have at least 4 opportunities to visit off-campus sites. These include:

    • College visits
    • Business/Industry visits
    • Job shadowing
    • Career mentoring

    Participation in College & Career Readiness (CCR) Assessments

    Graduates exit HMC-1 assmessment ready through one or more of the following:

    • ACT
    • ASVAB
    • Workkeys
    • Accuplacer

    Early College

    Access to a variety of programs designed to offer students advanced coursework and dual credit. Opportunities include:

    • Pre-engineering at Metropolitan Community College's Business & Technology Center
    • Avila Teacher Preparation Program
    • Cerner Tech Pathways
    • UMKC Health Sciences Academy
    • Advanced placement and dual credit courses
    • and many more

    In-School College & Career Experiences

    Provide a robust variety of in-school opportunities for students to prepare for success after graduation.

    • Career jumping
    • College Options Fair
    • College application fair
    • FAFSA Frenzy workshop

    Exemplifying the 4 C's

    All HMC-1 graduates will exemplify...

    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Critical thinking
    • Creativity