Communication Audit (2020)

  • National School Public Relations Association logo In the fall of 2019, the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) performed an audit of HMC-1's communication at both district and school levels. Conducting a communication audit was called for in the district's five-year strategic plan to support leaders in providing effective, two-way communications between the district, schools and the community.

    The audit was made possible thanks to the willingness of focus group participants who represented a broad range of opinions and ideas. Particpants included parents, community members, business leaders, staff, teachers, school partners, and volunteers. All particpants shared their open and honest thoughts in an anonymous discussion led by an independent NSPRA auditor.

    Results of the communication audit were presented to the Board of Education during the February 20, 2020 regular meeting. District leaders are now considering how best to address the key findings and recommendations of the report in order to ensure the HMC-1 communication program is meeting the needs of all parents, students, employees and community members.

    A copy of the communication audit is now available.

    View the 2020 Communication Audit (PDF)