Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Will LINC be available?

    There will be before and after school care when students are at schools.  When students are not at school, virtual support will be available. 


    If students in traditional learning have to quarantine or the district needs to do distance learning because of cases, will they still have access to virtual learning?

    Yes, more information about this is forthcoming.

    Will students in different grade levels have to attend school on different days and different times?

    If/when we are able to safely have students return to school on a rotating basis, we will do our very best to ensure all students in the same household attend on the same days and same times.

    Will devices be provided to students who choose virtual learning?

    Yes, all students grades PK-12 will have access to devices regardless of which option you choose. Details about device distribution will be coming soon.

    Will masks be required for students and staff?

    The district will provide and require staff to wear masks in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services and Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  According to that guidance teachers may remove their masks when teaching whole group instruction and appropriately socially distanced from students.

    Students will be required to wear masks: on busses, when entering/exiting the building, when traveling in common areas, and in situations where social distancing is not able to occur. 

    What will schools do to ensure the safety and health of their students and employees?

    As we anticipate a time when we are able to safely transition students back into school buildings face to face during Phases 2 (yellow) and 3 (green), HMC-1 will implement a variety of precautionary measures. To prioritize the safety of our students and staff, we remain committed to following the most current recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services  (DHSS), and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). The superintendent has developed a cross-functional action team to continually review guidance from local, state and federal agencies and proactively manage a strategic response for the school district.

    The district is following best practices for cleaning and disinfecting with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered disinfectants. Specifically, our efforts to protect students and staff include sanitizing touchpoints (places that are touched frequently throughout the day). This consists of sanitizing surfaces and objects including:

    • Door Handles / Knobs / Push Bars
    • Light Switches
    • Sink Faucet Handles / Knobs
    • Drinking Fountains
    • Paper Towel Dispensers
    • Electric Hand Dryers
    • Hand Soap Dispensers
    • Stairwell Handrails
    • Toilet / Urinal Handles
    • Toilet Stall Door Handles
    • Counter Tops
    • Cafeteria Tables and Chairs
    • Office Counters and Surfaces
    • School bus surfaces including seats, handrails, steering wheels and driver control panels
    • Anything else that is handled frequently by multiple people

    Hickman Mills C-1  also utilizes disinfectant misting technologies in our buildings and school buses. Ample stock of personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitization materials are available on site:

    • Masks
    • Face Shields
    • Gloves (optional)
    • Hand Sanitizer as available 
    • Sanitation wipes, as available, to be distributed and available in all communal areas
    • Boxes of tissue (for every office/work area)

    Congregational areas should be arranged to facilitate and encourage proper social distancing and safe interpersonal interactions.  Signage to remind and encourage proper social distancing and sanitary practices should be posted in all communal areas.

    Will visitors be allowed?  

    No, visitors will not be allowed. 

    Will temperature checks be done to ensure that no one has a fever or is ill?

    Parents should conduct temperature checks on their student(s) before each school day. Staff should also have their temperature checked before coming to school each day. 

    What happens if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19?

    HMC-1 will follow the guidance given by the local health department regarding contact tracing, notification, and school closures should we experience a positive case among students or staff.

    Will water fountains be open or closed?

    Water fountains will be open. Bottle refilling stations are also available. 

    How many students will be in a classroom? How are you able to safely keep the kids apart in classrooms that are very small?

    Class sizes will be modified to accommodate social distancing guidelines as much as possible.  

    Will there be any student assemblies?

    There will be no assemblies at this time. 

    How will students get a break from being in the classroom?  Will there be recess and other opportunities outside of the classroom?

    Recess: If weather permits, recess will take place outdoors with individual classrooms staying together safely distanced from other classrooms. Any equipment used during recess time will be placed in an assigned area and sanitized after use. Students will not use playground equipment. 

    Physical Education and music classes will operate outdoors as much as possible. 


    How will students eat breakfast and lunch?  Will they eat in the classroom or lunchroom?

    Breakfast and lunch will follow the protocol outlined in the health status indicator (red, yellow or green).


    Will students participating in virtual learning have access to meals?

    Yes, meal distribution will take place in locations determined by the district. 


    If a student is enrolled in distance learning, will there be support for students who need special education, ELL, IEP services, speech, gifted instruction, etc.?

    Yes, IEP’s will be followed.  Translators will continue to assist our students and teachers.


    What will virtual learning look like for students with an IEP?

    It depends on the services outlined in the IEP. They will have support.


    Once a student begins virtual learning, will he/she be required to remain in virtual learning for a certain amount of time, such as until the end of the semester?

    Parents / students participating in the HMC-1 Virtual Learning Program must commit to this option through the end of a semester before transitioning to traditional school.

    Will the virtual students be provided textbooks?

    Students participating in the HMC-1 Virtual Learning Program will have access to electronic and print textbooks as available.  

    How will attendance be taken for students in virtual learning?

    Daily attendance will be based on student participation and engagement each day.  

    Will virtual and traditional students take the same state-mandated tests?


    Will students take field trips?

    Students will participate in virtual field trips. We are not planning to have face-to-face to field trips at this time.  

    Will students be allowed to participate in sports or co-curricular activities?

    Yes, students may participate in accordance with MSHSAA guidelines.