Applause Applause Honorees

  • Every month throughout the academic year, various HMC-1 schools nominate students who exemplify continued dedication to their classroom and peers through kindness, creativity, and overall going above and beyond.

    The honorees are introduced to the Board of Education, and highlighted on the district’s social media pages and the monthly newsletter. Students also receive a framed certificate.

    Meet them below!

  • May 2022 Honorees

    Posted by Stephanie Eastland on 5/18/2022

    Applause Applause

    Congratulations to our two May Applause Applause Honorees!

    Meet Freda Markley Early Childhood Education Center’s Applause Applause honoree, Ezekiel W. Ezekiel has been with Freda Markley for two years.  He is an amazing young scholar with a big personality. He always greets anyone that enters the classrooms and tries to find ways to be helpful and help his peers. He is able to make friends easily and maintain friendships. He is always willing to help both his peers and teachers, and so eager to learn and be at school. Thank you, Ezekiel, for your brightness!

    Meet Millennium at Santa Fe Elementary’s Applause Applause honoree, Rylee G. Rylee is a leader inside and outside of the classroom. She spearheaded the fundraiser ‘Genius Hour Project’ to support local animals at Wayside Waifs. She created a school wide fundraiser to collect dog and cat food, which included speaking to classes about her project, making flyers for the hallway and to send home, and announcements over the intercom.  Her hard work and dedication resulted in collecting over 50 pounds of food for Wayside Waifs.  Way to go Rylee!

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  • February 2022 Honorees

    Posted by Chyanne Onstad on 2/24/2022

    February Applause Applause

    Congratulations to our February Applause Applause honorees! This month we are recognizing Ingels Elementary's LEGO league and the Poetry Club from Warford Elementary.

    Students in grades 2-5 participate in the Poetry Club where they write about a variety of topics and work on their public speaking skills. This is a popular new club at the school!

    The Ingels Lego League recently competed in a robot game competition where the focus was on improving the transportation of goods. Their teamwork, perseverance, hard work, and enthusiasm showed through as they earned the Motivate award, which celebrates teams based on the culture of the First LEGO League through team building, team spirit, and displaying enthusiasm.

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  • January 2022 Honorees

    Posted by Chyanne Onstad on 1/21/2022 8:00:00 AM

    January Applause Applause
    Congratulations to our January Applause Applause honorees! This month we are recognizing two students at Ruskin High School.

    Deborah A., a senior at Ruskin High School, has been accepted into over 10 colleges including Grand Canyon University, Missouri State University, UMKC, and University of Missouri Columbia. Deborah plans on earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences and continue to Med school to pursue a surgical specialty. Deborah works with Cerner Corporations through the Prep KC program and is involved in 20/20 Leadership, Student Council, Athletics and is a member of the National Honor Society. 

    Tomi B., a senior at Ruskin High School, has been accepted into multiple colleges like University of KU, University of Missouri Columbia and Rockhurst University. Tomi has received multiple scholarships for each of those schools and was also awarded the Iowa Wesleyan Presidential Scholarship which covers full tuition for up to four years. Tomi is involved in 20/20 Leadership, Athletics, National Honor Society and has been on the Principal's Honor roll consistently throughout high school.

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  • December 2021 Honoree

    Posted by Chyanne Onstad on 12/15/2021 8:10:00 AM

    December applause applause

    Congratulations to our December Applause Applause honoree!

    Ervin Elementary's 5th grader Drake D., is being recognized for being a student who not only excels academically but socially. Drake recently graduated from the DARE program with his classmates . For the program graduation he wrote a beautiful essay about his future goals and how to handle peer pressure. Drake speaks up for students who may not have a strong voice and believes that all students should be able to identify with their true selves and have the comfort of knowing that school is a safe place for all.

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  • November 2021 Honorees

    Posted by Stephanie Fernandez on 11/19/2021

    Nov. Applause

    Congratulations to our November Applause Applause honorees!

    This month we are recognizing students at two different schools, Smith-Hale Middle School and Burke Academy.

    Smith-Hale sixth grader Thomas V., seventh grader Kee Veion R., and eighth grader Da Veon T. are being recognized for having the most Reading i-Ready Lessons completed with 100% accuracy. Smith-Hale sixth grader Nikolas H., seventh grader Kyliq R., and eighth grader Muquadis K. are being recognized for having the most Math i-Ready Lessons completed with 100% accuracy.

    Burke Academy student Axel J. entered Missouri Options this Summer without enough credits to classify him as a Sophomore. He completed all his required classes and passed all five HiSet exams in July. Axel came into Summer School behind with Sophomore credits, and because of his hard work and dedication he is Burke’s first senior graduate for the Class of 2022.

    Burke Academy student Kidrick P, like many Gifted and Talented students, lost interest in school and fell behind academically his Sophomore year. He became determined to complete school and excel academically and he did just that, completing all requirements for graduation within a month of school.

    Burke Academy student Clarence B. clearly represents our Children of Promise. He left high school in the 10th grade with nine high school credits. He returned to school after a one-year absence, completing 35 classes to meet all requirements for this year's graduation. He went from a credit recovery student to a soon-to-be Class of 2022 student.  

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  • October 2021 Honorees

    Posted by Stephanie Eastland on 10/20/2021

     Truman Applause

    Congratulations to Truman Elementary’s SHINE/ EPIC students for being recognized as this month’s Applause Applause honorees!

    Truman’s SHINE group is an all-girl group, and EPIC is an all-boys group, of fourth and fifth grade students. Each group meets for five weeks with Truman’s Family School Liaison, Mrs. Traci Pettis-Johnson.

    These two groups were created to empower the fourth and fifth grade scholars to be their authentic, best selves. The groups engage in relevant topics which promote self-worth, leadership, and the importance of being a positive influence for their family, school and community. In collaboration with parents and district/community role models, the SHINE/ EPIC groups strive to build students up and create in them the ability to be goodwill ambassadors who honor education and motivate others to be the best that they can be.

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  • September 2021 Honorees

    Posted by Stephanie Eastland on 9/23/2021

    Sept. Applause Applause

    Congratulations to our three Dobbs Elementary September Applause Applause honorees!

    Jakori D. is a third-grade student, who is a great leader in the classroom, the hallways and the playground. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to his classmates and his teacher. He always participates in class discussions and activities.

    Mathania a. is a first-grade student with a kind heart who is always willing to help her classmates. She is a leader in the classroom, always maintaining a positive attitude, setting a good example for her peers, reading stories, and helping to problem solve when needed.

    Janessa W. is outstanding in and out of the classroom. When her peers were asked who they thought was an all-around leader, one student quickly responded "Janessa without a doubt.” Janessa comes to class everyday prepared to accept any challenges or experiences with grace and dignity. She always maintains a positive attitude. In her free time, she likes to do hard math, read lots of books, play cards, and sing. Some of her hobbies are rock collecting, making jewelry, and designing t-shirts.

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  • April 2021 Honorees

    Posted by Stephanie Eastland on 4/16/2021 12:00:00 PM

    Girls soccer team Congratulations to our April Applause Applause honorees, the Ruskin girl’s soccer team!

    The girl’s soccer team took first place in the Winnetonka tournament on Saturday, April 3, making it the first big win for the team.

     “This group of young ladies is the hardest working group of soccer athletes I have ever coached,” said Coach Megan Codilla. “They have so much fire in them to be better every day. The comeback from not playing last year has motivated them to play hard every single practice and game.”

    Congratulations ladies! #HMC1Together

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  • March 2021 Honorees

    Posted by Stephanie Eastland on 3/19/2021 8:00:00 AM


    March Applause

    Congratulations to our three March Applause Applause Honorees!

    Aiyanna B. is a fifth grader at Truman Elementary. Aiyanna's bright smile lights up any room she enters. Her intellect is inspiring, her creativity is shared with confidence, and her positive attitude is contagious. Aiyanna has been recognized twice as Truman’s weekly High Five winner for exemplifying good character and has also received the 2nd quarter Library Award for sharing her love of reading. Aiyanna is the Truman Spelling Bee winner, competing in the next phase where advanced to the Clay-Jackson County Spelling Bee. Aiyanna is part of an elite girls group at Truman called 'SHINE' which is defined as (smart, honest, inspiring, nice and empowering). This will not be the last time Aiyanna will SHINE!

    The coaches of Truman’s Lego League Team, the Robocats, nominated fourth grade students Furqan K. and Mateen A. Furqan and Mateen have exhibited strong work ethic, creativity, responsibility and teamwork in Lego League and beyond. They both attended all 12 meetings, even working outside of designated meeting times, showing great dedication and ingenuity. Furqan K. has been recognized as a High Five Character Recipient twice this year and received the 2nd quarter award for outstanding mathematician and scientist. Mateen A. received the outstanding reading and writing award 1st quarter and exemplifies the character traits of a Truman Scholar each day.

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  • February 2021 Honorees

    Posted by Stephanie Eastland on 2/19/2021 8:00:00 AM
    Congratulations to our two February Applause Applause Honorees!
    Meet Warford Elementary fifth grade student, Shyanne W. Shyanne attends Zoom class regularly and participates in discussions. She does not shy away from asking questions to deepen her learning. She is an enthusiastic learner and always willing to go the extra mile. Most recently, her class has been doing research on non-fiction topics. She decided to research polar bears and created a slideshow to display her findings. Her teacher, Dr. Hayes, reports that she has watched her blossom into a fantastic writer through the course of the year. Shyanne is always willing to share with her peers and has been able to serve as a model for how to meet the targeted learning objective.
    Meet Ingels Elementary fourth grade student, Zayvion H. Though hesitant about virtual learning at the start of the school year, Zayvion embraced the changes and has attended class every day with a smile on his face. Zayvion loved to make books at school to share with everyone. When he couldn't do this, he decided to make his books he usually shares into movies so that he could still share them with others, virtually. He taught himself how to use the apps Stop Motion and TuneTastic to make the movies. He likes to share them to help teachers and his peers smile and brighten their day. Zayvion is a great example of embracing changes and continuing to be positive!
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  • December 2020 Honoree

    Posted by Stephanie Eastland on 12/23/2020 8:00:00 AM

    Irvin T. Congratulations to our December Applause Applause honoree, Irvin T., fifth grade student at Ervin Elementary.

    Throughout this school year, Irvin has demonstrated not only a concern for his academics but a concern for those of his classmates. He took the initiative to create a study Zoom link and invited his classmates to join. He has shown that there is a seed of community growing within that includes building others as he builds himself.

    Thank you for being such wonderful students! We can't wait to hear about all of the exciting things you continue to do!

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  • November 2020 Honorees

    Posted by Stephanie Eastland on 11/19/2020 8:00:00 AM


    Congratulations to our November Applause Applause honorees!

    Janelly J. is a 7th grade student at Burke Academy. She participates daily and is a leader in the classroom, and always has positive things to say about her peers, teachers and staff. 

    Rhilya D. is a senior at Burke Academy. She has finished five courses in Plato so far this semester, and was selected for HireKC's Internship program. She also participated in the “A Day in the life of a Police Officer” internship. 

    Paytin A. is a 6th grade student at Smith-Hale Middle School. She was selected as the schools Peer Restorative Practice Leader for her entire grade. She is an honor roll student, with 95+ attendance, and an excellent peer role model, always striving to lead by example.

    Kiff S. is currently enrolled in the Missouri Options Program. Kiff is a non-traditional high school student who has returned to obtain his high school diploma. He’s passed three of his exams and if he continues his hard work and dedication, he should finish the Missouri Options Program by winter break.

    Thank you for being such wonderful students! We can't wait to hear about all of the exciting things you continue to do!

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  • October 2020 Honorees

    Posted by Stephanie Eastland on 10/23/2020 8:00:00 AM
    Congratulations to our October 2020 Applause Applause Honorees, Kayshia M. and Yasmeen A. from Dobbs Elementary.
    From the start of the school year, Kayshia and Yasmeen have been present, on-time, prepared, and participating in class every day. Kayshia is in the 99th percentile in both reading and math for the I-Ready Testing and wants to be a vet when she grows up. Yasmeen is in the 97th percentile in reading for the I-Ready Testing and wants to be a doctor when she grows up.
    Thank you both for being such wonderful students! We can't wait to hear about all of the exciting things you continue to do!
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  • September 2020 Honoree

    Posted by Stephanie Eastland on 9/18/2020 8:00:00 AM

    jolon On Thursday, September 17, the HMC-1 Board of Education celebrated Jolon H., fourth grader at Compass Elementary, as the September Applause Applause nominee!

    Since the beginning of the school year, he has consistently logged onto Zoom and has completed all of his assignments. What makes Jolon stand out is his willingness to help other students and his teacher, Mrs. Forney, with technology issues. When his teacher needs to try something out, Jolon is always eager and willing to help.  His teacher says that it’s a joy to have such a tech savvy and smart young man in her class.

    Congratulations, Jolon! Keep up the great work!

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