Medication Policy

  • Hickman Mills C-1 School District's health service is dedicated to providing the best possible service to our students. In order to protect students from error in medication, it is necessary to maintain some rules and guidelines.

    We appreciate the cooperation of parents and guardians in helping us ensure the safety of their children by abiding by these guidelines: 

    1.  Medication will be kept in the school health room office, never in the classroom.
    2.  It will be dispensed only by the School Nurse or her trained designee under the following guidelines. All medications MUST be in the originally dispensed bottle with appropriate labeling. Your pharmacist can supply a school bottle if necessary.
    3.  Prescription medications will be given, including prescription eye, ear, and nose drops, with written parental consent. 
    4. Tylenol and other nonprescription medications shall be dispensed only with written parental consent.
    5. Throat lozenges/cough drops may be used with written parental consent and approval of the school nurse.
    6. Medication not within recommended dosage in the Physicians Desk Reference will not be given without a physician's order. 
    7.  Medication for relief of minor discomforts and first aid treatments will be administered according to the Standing Orders listed in the health services handbook. A copy of these orders is available on request.