2019-2020 Award Recipients

  • 2020 Claudette Scott Teacher of the Year: Chrstine White (Truman Elementary)

    (Nomination essay excerpt)
    Christine White Christine White exemplifies a master teacher with her innovation, detailed planning, and use of high-yield strategies. Most importantly, Mrs. White knows all 327 Truman students by name, and she is loved by all her scholars.
    She is a member of the CARE Team and forms meaningful relationships with all students. Mrs. White engages students by utilizing techniques such as turn & talk and cooperative learning, but she also engages students by making sure learning is relevant to them. She wants students to ask questions and to wonder because she knows that if we teach children how to find the answers, they will be learners for life.
    Just one example of this was when she used a “Polar STEAM Express” theme to introduce the STEAM room to students. Mrs. White transformed the library into a train station and students traveled to the new STEAM room to learn.
    Not only does she teach students all week long, but she also provides professional development for teachers. The library is the heart of the school because of the love and dedication of Mrs. White.
    Runners Up
    Rachel Mayo, Ruskin High School
    Patrica Pepper-Towles, Ingels Elementary

    2020 Millie Harness Support Person of the Year: Gloria Dooley (Ingels Elementary)

    (Nomination essay excerpt) 
    Gloria Dooley Gloria Dooley takes care of Ingels’ most fragile students with the highest quality care. She tailors activities to their needs and ensures those needs are always met.
    Mrs. Dooley has taken on the role of washing students’ clothing and belongings several times daily. She often brings food and other supplies students need to school so they are never without what they need.
    She is always willing to jump into any role helping staff members. She cooks staff lunch on professional development days so teachers will have a meal before meetings, plus she helps with set up and clean up.
    Ms. Dooley has created a charitable foundation, The Emmitt and Gloria Dooley Family Charitable Foundation. Through the foundation, they provide students with experiences they may not ordinarily receive such as trips to national monuments, museum tours, and sporting events. Her foundation has also funded multiple Donors Choose projects at Johnson and Ingels Elementary.
    Runners Up 
    Donna Peyton, Administration Center
    Kimberly Rice, Freda Markely Early Childhood Center 


    2019 Volunteers of the Year

    Helen Harrington, HMC-1 parent
    Pastor Ronald Lindsay, Concord Fortress of Hope Church