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Hickman Mills C-1 School District

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Whether it is 100 or 100,000 copies, Hickman Mills Printing Pros has the expertise to get the job done and done right. Our staff includes a master printer, a graphic designer, a web site professional and a marketing/media specialist with more than 25 years experience in creating award-winning publications. When you combine the talents and creativity of hard-working staff with the eagerness and desire of student-workers, Printing Pros gives local businesses and individuals the highest quality results at a fraction of the cost “the other guys” charge.

Our proceeds generated from the Hickman Mills Printing Pros goes directly into the district’s revenue to supplement funding for our schools and student programs. We believe better schools make a better Hickman Mills community.


PROJECT 250-499 copies 500-999 copies 1000+ copies 2000+ copies
B & W Copies .10 per copy .09 per copy .08 per copy .07 per copy
Color Copies .35 per copy .30 per copy .25 per copy .20 per copy
Envelopes #10 .20 per copy .17 per copy .15 per copy .13 per copy
11x17 (b&w) .15 per copy   .14 per copy .12 per copy  .10 per copy 
11x17 (color) .50 per copy .45 per copy  .40 per copy  .35 per copy 
Other Projects Please contact us for a quote at amandaf@hickmanmills.org


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