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  • Dear Parent/Guardian of the CLASS of 2017,


    This coming year will be a busy and exciting one for you and your child.  Because of this, we wanted to get you information that will help you make plans for our yearbook senior traditions. Please read through this information carefully.  If you have any questions, please contact the 2016-17 Editorial Staff after August 12 by calling the student publications office at 316-7418, email RHSTalonyearbook@gmail.com or contact the adviser
    Robyn King by email at robynk@hickmanmills.org. 


    Reading this information carefully is important to make sure your child’s formal portrait appears in the senior section of the 2017 yearbook. Yearbook cap and gown portraits will be taken by Lifetouch Photography during the school day on Monday, September 19. ALL students MUST take a senior cap and gown portrait. NO money is due when portraits are taken. You will receive a proof with package purchase information from LifeTouch and can decide if you would like to purchase. If your portrait proof is not satisfactory, LifeTouch is offering a RE-TAKE day on Friday, October 28. This will be the LAST CHANCE for senior portraits. Caps and Gowns in yellow for ladies and blue for gentlemen will be provided. Young men may want to bring a shirt and tie to wear. Ladies may want to wear a V-neck or white blouse that day.


    Senior recognition ads (sometimes referred to as “Baby Ads”) are a great way to recognize your senior. If you choose to participate, read the information on the Senior Ad FormIt will guide you through the process of submitting your child’s senior ad.  Please note the deadline for senior ads is Friday, December 16.  The purchase price of a senior ad does not include a yearbook.


    Yearbooks may be purchased beginning at enrollment. The 2017 RHS yearbook will include a minimum of 176 FULL COLOR pages, plus a 24-page spring supplement. Personalization will be an option for an additional fee. There will also be a 5% fee when ordering online at Community.pictavo.com The yearbook price will be offered in two tiered levels, with the early bird discount price beginning at $60 including a FREE RHS Activity Pass.  We encourage everyone to order by Oct. 14 to take advantage of this early discount and free pass package. After October 14, the book will revert to the regular price of $65. Print the Yearbook Order Form and bring with your check, cash or money order for $60 to the Ruskin office or order online at Community.pictavo.com.


    Thank you for your attention to these matters. We look forward to picturing all of our seniors in the yearbook and to capturing all of the memories of the 2016-2017 school year.


    Best regards,

    Robyn King, Journalism Adviser




      Sept. 19        Senior Cap & Gown Portraits

      Oct. 14          Deadline for Yearbook/Act Pass Special

      Oct. 28          Senior Cap & Gown Re-takes (if absent or unhappy with original)        

      Dec. 16          Deadline for Yearbook Senior Recognition Ads

      Feb. 15          Senior Class Panoramic (wear senior sweats)



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