• My Schedule 

    A Day

    1st Block     8:30- 10:00      College Sumit

    2nd Block    10:05- 11:35    College Summit

    3rd Block     11:40- 1:55      Planning and Engineering House Meeting

    4th Block     2:00- 3:30        College Summit

    B Day

    5th Block     8:30- 10:00      College Sumit

    6th Block    10:05- 11:35     Planning and Content Planning

    3rd Block     11:40- 1:55      College Summit and lunch

                                                  Lunch: 1st Lunch     11:35- 11:57

    4th Block     2:00- 3:30        College Summit


    Contact Information

    If you would like to contact me, please call 816-316-7268 or eamil me at margaretmw@hickmanmills.org. 


  • How Grades Are Determined:



    % of Final Grade

    Homework, Class Assignments, Journal, and Bell Work


    Unit Projects






    Assignment Make Up and Late Work

    Students will have assignments given with well-defined due dates.  All work is due on or before the due date.  Any work turned in after the due date takes the chance the grade will not be included in that grading period, but will be added to the next.  Some projects and assignments are not able to be turned in late due to the nature of the assignment.