Top 10 Ways to be a Model Ambassador

    1. Get involved! Remember to wear your pin to social and district events.
    2. Arrange to have the Superintendent or Director of PIO & Partnerships as a guest speaker at your civic and professional association.
    3. Reach out on social media. “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Ambassadors can also help by sharing positive stories and posts on their personal social media pages.
    4. Read your emails, newsletters, etc. from the District to keep up-to-date on the latest programs and successes of our students and the District.
    5. Be on the lookout for organizations in both the public and private sector that might make good partners.
    6. Attend annual meetings, special events, press conferences, school events, etc.
    7. Always be on the lookout for potential new alumni, community/corporate volunteers, etc., who will make good Ambassadors.
    8. Always speak well of the District. As an Ambassador, you play a vital role in highlighting students, teachers, and staff of the District.
    9. Forward invitations to upcoming special events such as the HMC-1 Foundation Gala, theatre productions, musical performances, ribbon cuttings, and other sponsored events, with organizations, businesses, family, and friends.
    10. Practice your elevator speech for the District. Have 3 to 4 great points to focus on for a compelling story about the District’s accomplishments.