Community Partners

  • We are proud to partner with local businesses, organizations, and churches to create robust opportunities for our students.  If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact the Public Information Office at (816) 316-7000.

  • Educational Foundation Gala Sponsors
    Apple Bus Company
    Bannister Transformation & Development, LLC
    Burns & McDonnell                         
    City Councilman Kevin McManus
    City Councilman Scott Taylor
    Concorde Fortress of Hope
    Cooperating Plan Management
    Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
    Full Employment Council              
    Hollis + Miller
    Husch Blackwell
    Jackson County Advocate
    Kauri Development, LLC
    Kelly Services                     
    Major Saver         
    Marr & Company                              
    Martin City Telegraph       
    McGonagle Spencer Gahagan                      
    Metropolitan Community College - Longview                        
    Mr & Mrs. Charles Farris
    Mr. John Sharp                   
    Mr. Rick Mills                      
    Ms. Leah La Faver
    National Institute for Construction Excellence        
    Quantum Health Professionals                            

    Church Partners                
    Blue Hills Community Church       
    Canaan Worship Church
    Concord Fortress of Hope            
    CrossPoint Community Church    
    Grace Church of Kansas City        
    Christ Is The Answer Ministries    
    Greater Works Worship 
    Heaven Sent Outreach Ministries
    International House of Prayer Kansas City
    United Believers Community Church



  • Architects
    Hollis + Miller Architects

    Special Programs Partners
    Avila University
    Hickman Mills Educational Foundation
    Kansas City Area Transit Authority

    Event Sponsors/Partners
    Black Health Care Coalition
    Community Action Agency of Greater Kansas City
    Diagnostic Imaging Centers, P.A.
    Home State Health
    Kansas City Public Health Department
    Missouri Health
    Swope Health Services
    U.S. Army

    Student Services Partners
    Giving the Basics Giving the Basics logo

    Major Partners
    Caring for Kids
    Kansas City LINC
    Mid-Continent Public Library - Blue Ridge
    United Way

    All-In Mentor Partners
    International House of Prayer
    Pillars of Truth
    Caring for Kids
    Keller Williams
    Catriese Inspires
    Second Missionary Baptist Church
    Kansas City LINC
    Word of Life Church
    Blue Hills Church
    St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
    Omega Psi Phi
    Arvest Bank

Having an Impact: Partner Spotlight

  •  Giving the Basics logo
    Giving the Basics provides the necessities of life, not covered by government assistance programs, that most people take for granted such as laundry soap, shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper and other personal care hygiene products. Products from Giving the Basics has an immediate impact on low-income families with small children, students, battered women, veterans, seniors, former prisoners and the mentally ill. The products help children attend school feeling fresh so they feel comfortable in the learning environment and they assure adults have the dignity they need so they can gain employment.

    HMC-1 has been receiving products for students since 2015. Giving the Basics helps district families get necessary products not covered by food stamps, such as shampoo and laundry soap and hygiene products. This service is so important because research has shown that basic needs must be met for children to learn.