• Please read below to learn your child's Username, Password, and Gmail

    Student Network USERNAME

    Student Network Accounts are comprised of three different pieces of data – as shown below.

     1. Last 4 digits of the student’s MOSIS ID#

     2. First, Middle and Last Initials (if the student has no middle name listed in Infinite Campus, only 2 letters are used)

     3. Day of Month Born


    MOSISID#: 1234567891

    Full Name: Constance Ann Smith Born: January 16, 1999



    Grades 3 through 12 Password

    Students in grades 3 through 12 have the following password format:

    • FirstnameMMDDYYYY! (First letter is capitalized; 8 digit birth; exclamation point)


      First Name: Constance

              Born: January 16, 1999 (01/16/1999)

      STUDENT PASSWORD:  Constance01161999!


    Grades K, 1st and 2nd Password

     Students in grades PreK, 1st and 2nd have the following password format:

    • Firstname1920! (First letter is capitalized; 2122 [CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR]; exclamation point)


      First Name: Constance

               School Year: 2122

      NEW STUDENT PASSWORD: Constance2122!

    Accessing Student GMail

    All students in grades K-12 have access to a district Gmail account. Students that have access to a digital device, on or off campus, are encouraged to access their student Gmail, Google Drive, Google Classroom, CLEVER, and much more.  

    Student GMAIL is a combination of the student USERNAME (see Student Network USERNAME above) and the domain @students.hmc1.org

    example:  7891CAS16@students.hmc1.org