• Classroom Expectations





    Classroom Goals:  

    *To create a safe learning environment for all students.  

    *Respectful and responsible behavior each class period.

    *Students can feel safe to put forth their best effort and try new things.

    *Students will allow themselves to be creative and “think outside the box”.

    Guidelines for Success:

    • Positive classroom management
    • Clear expectations
    • Ask for help or clarification when needed
    • Work bell-to-bell


    • discussion, brainstorming sketches, teacher demonstration, student demonstration, creative thinking, problem solving, critiquing.

    Classroom Procedures:

    Beginning Class

    *Students will arrive to class, and be in their seat, on time.

    *Students will get their project out and continue working. If we are starting a new project, students are to be in their assigned seat, ready for instruction.

    *No cell phones :  all cell phones need to be turned to vibrate and out of sight (and not in the student’s lap). After instruction is given, while students are working on their projects, students may listen to music during work time, IF it does not become a distraction to themself or others. Earbuds or headphones must be used, leaving one ear “open” in order to hear the teacher if instruction or announcements need to be given. This is a privilege. If these expectations are not followed, students will no longer be allowed to listen to their music while working.  

    Phones should be put in the student’s purse, backpack or pocket.  At no time, and for no other reason, should the student have their cell phone out without my permission.

    Opening Procedures:

    • Class expectations, Instruction, demonstration, and review of topic & project for the day will be given.
    • Students will get their project, and supplies needed, and begin working.

    Tardy to class:

    Provide your definition of on time and tardy, & identify the consequences for being tardy.

      • On Time:  Students are in their assigned seats, and bags, purses, phones, etc put away.
    • Tardy:  Not in the classroom when the bell rings.  If student is tardy they must have a pass. Excessive tardies will result in a call to parents and/or student referral.

    Instruction During Class

    Learning Materials:

    *Students need to bring their own pencils and eraser to class. If a student does not have a pencil (s)he can borrow a pencil from the teacher by making a trade (example: trading phone or ID badge for the use of a pencil). The traded item is returned to the student when the pencil is returned to the teacher. Students will not be allowed to leave the room to get a pencil, or any other required materials.  

    How to find out what the daily assignments are:

    • Current and recent projects will be posted on the board at the front of the room.  
    • If an art project will take more than 2 class periods, the due date will be posted on the whiteboard. It is the students’ responsibility to keep track of these deadlines.

    Turning in assignments:

    • Assignments, brainstorming sketches, and other projects are to be kept in the students’ art portfolio. These are kept in labeled drawers designated for each class.
    • On project turn-in dates, students will place their completed projects on the turn in table at the front of the classroom.

    Returning assignments to students:

    • Graded, and complete, work may be hung on display in the office, or placed in the art display case in the hall. Graded work will be returned to the students during class

    Finding out grade status:

    • Students will be required to track their grades through infinite campus themselves.  
    • Questions about their grade can be asked before class begins, when we are doing individual work, or at the end of class.

    Student responsibilities after an absence:

    • How to find out what students missed:
      • Look in infinite campus
      • Ask me before class begins

    • How long students have to make up assignments
    • One day for every excused day missed

    Late, missing or incomplete assignments:

    • Late assignments will be accepted up to the end of the quarter.
    • If student needs to schedule time outside of class to finish work, arrangements can be made my speaking with me one-on-one. Students will have up to one week after the deadline to complete work without penalty. After that point there is a 10% deduction each day.

    Communication procedures with parents & families:

    • Will respond to phone calls and emails from parents within 48 hours
    • Phone calls or emails to parents will be on a case to case basis.  


    Movement of body

    • Students are to stay in their seats while working. Students should gather their necessary supplies to their tables at the beginning of class, before they begin working.

    Vocal platform

    • Students may talk quietly to their neighbor as they work, as long as there are not disruptions.
    • During instruction there should be absolutely no talking.

    Distribution of materials

    • Students should gather needed supplies at the beginning of class so they can stay in their seat and work. If additional supplies are needed, students can get them from the supply table at the front of the classroom, and immediately return to their seat.

    Instructional Delivery Methods:

    • Lecture, Instruction, Demonstration
    • listen quietly, take notes if necessary
    • raise hand for questions to clarify instruction
    • Q & A
    • Raise hand to answer or ask.
    • Groups
    • Listen to others in the group.
    • Keep their hands the other group members
    • Participate with other group members
    • Respect their group members opinions
    • Technology
    • iPads may be used for class purposes only, and with permission from teacher.

    Closure of Class

    Ending class:

      • 5-10 minutes before the end of class students will begin cleaning up
    • All projects and supplies must be put in their proper place
    • All students in their seats and voices off.
    • Teacher dismisses class, not the bell


    Consequences for Classroom Rule Violations:

    List the range of corrective consequences that you may follow if expectations are violated.

    • safe seat
    • buddy room
    • phone call or email to parent
    • meet with Administration
    • ISS, or other consequence as deemed by teacher and/or administration