• All students must present documentation of up-to-date immunization status including month, day and year of each immunization before attending school. Religious and medical exemptions are allowed. The appropriate exemption card may be obtained at the Health Department and must be updated on a yearly basis.

    Complete immunization requirements can be found through the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services:

    In general, the following immunizations are needed:

    • Pre-kindergarten students need 4 DTAP doses, 3 IVP doses, 3 HIB doses, 3 HEP B doses, 4 pneumococcal doses, and 1 MMR dose (after age 12 months), and 1 varicella dose (after age 12 months).

    • Kindergarten - 12th grade students are required to have : 4+ DTAP doses (last dose on or after age 4), 3+ IPV doses (last dose on or after age 4), 2 MMR doses (1st dose after age 12 months), 2 Varicella doses (1st dose after age 12 months), and 3+ Hepatitis B doses.
    • 8th - 12th grade students also need 1 TDAP dose and 1 MCV4 dose
    • 12th graders also need a 2nd MCV4 dose (after the 16th birthday).

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