Welcome to the Media Center


    Media Specialist
    Mrs. Kimberly Oehring


    Media/Attendance Clerk
    Mrs. Connie Sistrunk



    As a result of the Ingels Library Media Center program, we envision that:

    • Students and staff will become lifelong learners able to meet the challenges of productive citizenship in the 21st century.
    • Students and staff will read for pleasure and enjoyment as well as to meet their own information needs.
    • Students and staff will become increasingly skilled at using technology as a tool to help them achieve their goals.


    Media Center Expectations:

    • Returning or renewing materials when they are due.
    • Quiet and considerate behavior - others are using the center too.  
    • Make restitution for lost or damaged materials so they can be replaced.
    • Follow all rules that are established by the district when using iPads and computers.