Welcome to Student Services

  • C&IStudent Services handles a variety of requests and student needs. Providing a free education and helping all students achieve their full potential is the goal of Student Services. If you need assistance you are welcome to contact us.

    Student Services Administrative Center
    HMC-1 Administration Center
    5401 E. 103rd St.
    Kansas City, MO
    Phone: 816-316-7069
    Fax: 816-316-7077

    Carl Skinner, Ed.D.
    Dr. Carl Skinner
    Deputy Superintendent for Academic Services 
    Hearings, Alternative School, ESOL, LINC, Residency, Enrollment, Nurses, Behavior Interventionists
    Office: (816) 316-7241

    Teresa T. Teresa Tanner
    Director of Student Services
    Office: (816) 316-8501

    Danyca Singleton Danyca Singleton
    Foster Care Bill of Rights Specialist and McKinney Vento Liaison
    FSLs, TCMs, Counselors, 504s
    Office: (816) 316-7085

    Kimberly Hartman Kimberly Hartman
    Contract Schools – i.e., Sherwood, Gillis, HHB, HB, HS, MAP A, 504s, ESY)
    Office: (816) 316-7086