Enrollment Dates & Times

  • All families (new & returning) can complete the online application


    Students MUST have an APPROVED application before they will be able to start school on August 14th.


    Enrollment assistance to answer questions and help upload documents will be held at the Burke Campus (11115 Bennington Ave. Kansas City, MO 64134) on:

    • Wednesday, August 7th (8:30 - 2:30)
    • Thursday, August 8th (8:30 - 2:30)
    • Monday, August 12th (8:30 - 2:30)
    • Friday, August 16th (8:30 - 2:30) 


    Note: You do NOT have to go to the Enrollment Office if you complete the online application from home with all required documents.


    Please contact (816) 316-7152 if you have questions.

Online Registration Application

    • Select the appropriate button below to begin the Online Registration process. 
    • If you are a returning family and adding a new student, select the "Returning Families" link to begin.

    Online Registration for the 2019-2020 school year begins June 3, 2019.

    Returning Families Begin Online Registration Button




    New Families Begin Online Registration button

Residency & Enrollment Contact Information

  • Residency Coordinator:
    Ms. Barbara Wunsch
    Burke Support Building
    11115 Bennington Ave.
    Kansas City, MO 64134
    (816) 316-7152


  • Guardian: a person appointed or qualified by a court to have care and custody of the person of a minor or incapacitated person, whether denominated as general, limited or temporary guardian, or a person legally authorized to perform substantially the same functions

    Resident: a person both physically resides within a school district and is domiciled within that district. The domicile of a minor child shall be the domicile of a parent, military guardian pursuant to a military-issued guardianship or court-appointed legal guardian.

    NOTE: The safe schools act states that a child must be enrolled in the school district where his/her parent/guardian resides