Dress Code for All HMC-1 Students

  • HMC-1 has adopted a district-wide dress code, eliminating uniforms. Dress code guidelines are effective for all students in HMC-1.
    Dress for Success expectations of the Hickman Mills C-1 School District is designed to promote a safe and appropriate learning environment while contributing to students’ preparation of success beyond school. Students’ attire must not distract, disrupt or interfere with teaching and learning or disrupt the climate of the school.

    For health and safety concerns, shoes must be worn at all times.

    Jewelry or accessories that may be used as weapons may not be worn. This includes but is not limited to wallet chains, spiked rings, spiked bracelets, two or three finger rings that are joined, spikes, over-sized belt buckles and bulky chains worn around the neck or waist.

    Clothing is prohibited when an administrator deems it unsuitable, creates an unsafe environment, draws inappropriate attention, interferes with instruction, or threatens the health/safety of the learning environment.

    Appropriate coverage of the body is expected, defined as being covered from shoulder to mid-thigh (about 3 inches above the knee). Chest, back, ribs, midriff, underarms and buttocks must be covered. Undergarments (sports bras, bra straps, boxers or shorts worn under pants) may not show. Sagging is not permitted. All shirts must have sleeves.

    • Ear buds, headphones (such as Dre-beats), wireless headsets (Bluetooth) unless used for an academic purpose with the permission of the building administrator.
    • Metal picks & combs, hats, hoods, bandana print, wave caps, sweatbands, sunglasses or any head covering (religious reason is excluded)
    • Ripped jeans, leggings, spandex pants, see through tights or yoga pants worn alone, pajama pants, skirt slits/splits (3 inches above the knee)
    • Blankets, large bags (athletic bags are permissible if students participate in a sport/school sponsored activity, however, the bag must stored in his/her locker)
    • Backless shoes, slippers, slides, heels (over 3 inches), shoes with spikes
    • Clothing that is see through, revealing, profane, displays profanity or words/symbols that advocate or depict violence, ethnic/racial slurs, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, illegal gang affiliation or other illegal activity expressed or implied
    Students failing to comply with the Dress for Success Policy will be held accountable by being asked to cover-up, change, contact a parent/guardian or receive a non-compliance consequence.