Scholarship & Job Opportunities

  • This scholarship & student link page is a multi-media resource center to motivate and prepare young people to achieve their full potential as students and as productive members of society. Scholarships are an attractive way to pay for college because you don't need to pay them back. Scholarship awards range from a few dollars to covering the full tuition bill. Your search for scholarships will succeed if you start early, stay focused, and search diligently. Remember to apply for scholarships every year you plan to attend college.

    Scholarship Timeline

    Scholarship deadlines typically range between October and March of the year preceding the one for which scholarship funds will be needed. The best time to begin looking for scholarships is at least one year before you actually need the funding.


    Educational Foundation Scholarships

    Each spring, the Hickman Mills Educational Foundation awards scholarships for graduating seniors who plan to attend college the following fall. For more information on the Educational Foundation and how to apply for scholarships, click here.