Welcome to the Smith-Hale Media Center

  • Media Center Hours:

    Monday - Friday  8:30 - 3:30


    Library Policies and Expectations:

    Students must have a signed pass unless they are with a teacher. SIGN IN AND OUT on the clipboard at the front desk.

    Print books AND e-books can be checked out for 3 weeks. You MUST know your ID # when checking out a book.

    If you have a lost book or previous fine, you will only be allowed to check out one book at a time. Please come talk to Mrs. Marshall or Mrs. Peters if you have a fine you need to take care of. We will work something out! 

    No backpacks should be in the Media Center (with exception for 4th and 8th hours).

    Food and drink is not allowed. This includes gum!


    NO food or drink
    You MUST have a pass
    Adhere to the 20/20 rule.
    Sign in at the Circulation Desk unless you arrive with
    your class
    Come prepared with necessary supplies.
    No horseplay/running
    Stay on task
    Don’t interrupt others working in the Media Center
    Turn off your computer when done
    Leave your space tidy (push in chair, pick up trash, etc)




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