District Ambassadors

  • The District Ambassadors program provides volunteers the opportunity to become involved with the district. This is done by merging volunteerism and civic engagement for the district’s future development. Ambassadors bring new energy to our mission-based work by spreading the good news of the district.


  • The HMC-1 District Ambassadors program operates as the flagship platform merging volunteerism and civic engagement, continuously developing pride for and awareness of the district.


  • To support the HMC-1 School District in meeting its mission of providing a foundation for our students that maximizes academic success and fosters civic engagement.


  • HMC-1 District Ambassadors build bridges to multiple kinds of valued stakeholders. They serve as the arm of the Superintendent and PIO & Partnerships by acting as communicators of district news and events.


  • Represent
    District Ambassadors are expected to positively represent the District. When given the opportunity to engage with the public, Ambassadors are to promote the good news of the District by sharing how one can become involved in a partnership or become a mentor to one of our students.

    With power comes great responsibility. A great District Ambassador is willing to engage and to make themselves accessible, both internally and externally. Ambassadors go out into the world and connect. They listen and engage in ways that are mutually beneficial to the District and the students we serve.

Becoming An Ambassador

  • District Ambassadors are selected based on their passion for the District, interpersonal skills, leadership experience, and dependability. Anyone interested should contact the Director of Public Information & Partnerships at (816) 316-7003 for more information.