• GPrincipal Anna Blancarte reetings Ervin families,

    If I had the power to make a wish for each child that enters Ervin Elementary it would be that he or she does the BEST that he or she is capable of doing.  This is not a unique wish. It is indeed, the basic desire and goal of every teacher, every parent, and every child of the Ervin Elementary School community.  Working together we can help ALL of our children to achieve their goals.


    Working together, as partners, for the common goal of what is best for the growing and developing child, gives that child the greatest head start in the world!  With so many people working together, communicating, exchanging ideas and plans for the child’s benefit, the child cannot help but to succeed in school and in life.  


    Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to invite you, our parents and community, to work together, pull together, communicate and plan together, in the best interest of our children.  Together we can achieve more.


    I look forward to an amazing 2020/21 school year because…..


    Learning Matters,

    Ms Anna Blancarte, Principal