Check out policies


    Every student at Ervin Elementary will check out a book(s) each week. PreK-1st will not take their books home, but 2nd-5th may do so. Books should be turned in the following week during library checkout, however, if a student is still reading his/her library book, he/she may recheck it out, as long as the book has not been requested by another student.  If a student's book(s) is not returned by the end of the school year, the student will be charged for any missing library books.


    Number of Books Checked out:

    PreK: 1

    1st: 1st semester 1, second semester 2

    2nd: 2

    3rd: 2




    If a student gets done reading their book(s) before their next library checkout time, they are welcome to get a pass from his/her teacher and come check out a new book.