Principal's Message

  • Dear Truman Elementary Families,
         I am Mrs. Herrera, your proud principal, ready to start my 5th year at Truman Elementary
    School. I know that we’ve all had difficult decisions to make in regards to how we can safely start the
    2020-21 school year and I appreciate the care that went into your decision to choose between Choice
    A and Choice B for your child. Please know that your Truman Elementary Staff has been planning,
    organizing and preparing so that we can be at our BEST to serve your family and teach your students.
         For 1st Quarter, all of the teaching and learning will be done online. Students will connect with
    teachers via Google Classroom and Zoom Meetings. Each day students will have “live” instruction via
    Zoom sessions. Please reference the following list of information and suggestions so that we can
    ensure success.
    • Morning Learning Session: 8:30-11:00 teaching and learning occurs with at least 90
    minutes of Zoom “live instruction”.
    • Lunch Break 11:00-11:30
    • Afternoon Learning Session: 11:30-2:00 teaching and learning continues with at least 90
    minutes of Zoom “live instruction”.
    • Consider setting up a designated learning space in your house that has their ipad, charger,
    pencils, paper and any materials sent home in the Wildcat Folder
    • Set a schedule for your child and build in breaks. Teachers will naturally build in brain
    breaks, but during the times that students are not “live” with their teacher, please consider that
    a child’s attention span is equal to 10 minutes per year in school. So, for example, the most we
    would expect a 1st grader to sit without a break is 10 minutes.
    • Attendance and Engagement-It is so important that your child participates each day in
    online learning. We cannot afford to fall behind and that is what will happen if we don’t
    connect with your student each day.
    • Childcare-If you need childcare because you are an essential worker, there is an application
    on the district website. An email was sent to all parents on August 18th informing them of this
    • Communication-your child’s teacher will communicate with you at least once a week and I
    am always available. My email is
    I will send communication to all of you via email, texts and phone blasts once a week and I will
    also invite you to attend Zoom Check-in Meetings with me.

    Our mission and vision for teaching and learning stays the same even though we are at a distance.
    EVERY child will learn and we will give 100% to make that happen. Thank you in advance for
    partnering with us for the 2020-21-School year.
         Mrs. Sue Herrera