• Introduction to S.A.V.E.

    Students Against Violence Everywhere





    The students at Smith-Hale are implementing a campaign against violence in their community. The support group is called S.A.V.E. It is student created, lead and maintained. The main goal is to promote nonviolence and to build a community of acceptance, support and unity.


    This is not a club as clubs have membership dues, requirements and strict guidelines. Anyone (students and parents/Guardians) are welcome to join. The only requirement is that each member make a solemn pledge and strive to live a violence free life day to day and to honor and respect self and others.


    S.A.V.E. Meetings are the last Thursday of each month in Ms. Seals room 213 unless otherwise notified.


    Representatives will be elected from each 7th and 8th grade team.


    Thank You! Sandra Seals 8th Grade Social Studies and S.A.V.E. Coordinator.



  • The S.A.V.E. Pledge

    I will not promote violence through word or deed.


    I am a special, talented individual who is worthy of respect. I believe this to be true of all others also.  I will strive in my life to promote peace between myself and others.


    The world needs me and I have a great gift to offer. I will continue to be a benefit to the world through self-respect, service toward others and nonviolence.