Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) Five Year Strategic Plan 2019-2024

  • The Hickman Mills C-1 Schools Board of Education approved a five year Strategic Plan in July of 2019 for the 2019 - 2024 school years. The plan is a road map for growth in the next five years and includes three pillars - Our District, Our Schools, Our Community. The focus areas represent our greatest needs, and action steps will ensure our progress with accountability.

    Success will require hard work, patience and persistence from all of us. Through this plan the district will continue building toward its brightest future. 
    Focus Areas / CSIP Goals
    Strategic focus areas include Communication, Staffing and Racial Equity   
    Goal: Establish and maintain best practices in district communications, staffing, and racial equity that will support the recruitment and retention of the very best teachers and staff to serve Hickman Mills students.
    Strategic focus areas include Accreditation, Student Attendance, Academic Growth and Safe and Supportive Climate
    Goal: Attain and maintain full accreditation by maximizing daily attendance for each student and creating the safe and supportive environment required for the best learning to happen.
    Strategic focus areas include Family Engagement, Service Organizations and Business Partners
    Goal: Establish and expand partnerships with families, service organizations, and businesses to benefit our schools and help strengthen the community of Hickman Mills.

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