Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Margaret White

Margaret White

College Summit Teacher



Years of teaching experience: This is year 29 of teaching for me. I have been a teacher in the Hickman Mills School district for 26 years.


Area of expertise: I currently teach College Summit, but have taught math for 6 & 8 grades, science for 6th grade, 7th grade public speaking and 6th-grade communications, and 5th grade over the years. 


Educational background: I began my college career at the University of Kansas and transferred to Washburn University after my sophomore year. I earned a B.Ed. from Washburn University and my Masters of Education from Avila University. My areas of concentration are Mathematics, English, and Social Studies. I began my career teaching 5th and 4th grade math in Dumas, Texas. Eventually, I applied and was formally hired to teach 6th grade math and science at Ervin Middle School. Since joining the district in 1996, I have been blessed to teach a variety of subjects and at different schools: Ervin Middle School- math, science, 6th grade communications, and 7th grade public speaking; Johnson Elementary School- 5th grade; Smith-Hale Middle School: 8th Grade Pre-Algebra and 6th Grade Math; Hickman Mills Freshman Center: College Summit; and Ruskin High School: College Summit.


Why I Chose Education as My Career of Choice: My father was in the military during my childhood, so we moved frequently from state to state and school to school. By the time I was in the second grade, I had attended five schools.  Three of those schools were during second grade. Moving around as much as we did, I had lots of gaps in my early education.  Fortunately, I had Mrs. Shaffer for my third second grade teacher, she was the first teacher to realize that I was struggling with reading and paying attention.  She worked with me daily to improve my skills. I am truly grateful to her, I am a teacher today because of her dedication to my success.  She is my inspiration. She taught me to keep trying and truly convinced me that I could do anything if I put forth the effort. I want my students to find their confidence and realize they will be successful in the future if they put the work in now and keep putting forth their best effort in the future.


Personal Interests: I am an avid reader and love the Jayhawks! RCJH!