Phone: (816) 316-7454


Degrees and Certifications:

Amanda Howard

9-12 Math Teacher  

Math Department Chair

Years of teaching experience:
7 years of experience

Area of expertise 

Educational background
Bachelor’s in Neuroscience from University of Colorado, 2010
ABCTE Alternative Teaching Certification, Math 5-12

Why I Chose Education as My Career of Choice
I chose to be a math educator because of the things that I love.  I love, for one thing, numbers and equations.  The rules are clear, they are straightforward, and there is a path to take no matter what.  But I also love puzzles.  Figuring out the right rules to use, which path to take, or a work-around if the path I was trying was blocked.  That last sentence applies to both math problems, and working with the students as an educator.  Which brings me to my last reason, my students.  They are my favorite part, and the reason I’ll always come back.  I love these kids for the joy they bring to my day, and am grateful for my opportunity to interact with them.

Personal Interests
I have two daughters, a nine year old and a seven year old, and enjoy spending time with my family whenever I can.  I also enjoy traveling by driving(whether around the city or far away), reading, and puzzles.