• Mission Statement

    Dobbs PTA is dedicated to promoting parent involvement, teacher communication, and community participation to assist Dobbs Elementary Scholars in achieving academic excellence.  By providing relevant resources for families and community members through training, speakers, programs, and events, we endeavor to give our children:


    Academic Success




    Characted Strength


    Sense of Community


    The Value of Giving Back
    Dobbs PTA aims to collaborate with entities who share the common goal of benefiting the welfare of our Dobbs scholars and enabling them to reach their full potential. 

    We stand for core values such as committment, accountability, and respect.  We lead by example to ensure a strong sense of partnership, ability to accomplish goals, value of our colleagues and ourselves, input from the whole community, and a united voice in seeking the highest advantage possible for our children.
    To contact Dobbs PTA directly, please send e-mails to the address below: