Welcome to the Media Center

  • Welcome to the Ruskin High School Library Media page.


    To access the Destiny library catalog please click on this LINK



    Students may have 4 items checked out for 3 weeks and renewed for an additional 3 weeks.


    Media Center Usage

    Students are welcome to use the media center with a pass from their current teacher.  Students do not need a pass to use the media center during their lunch period.  Passes are not accepted during the first and last 20 minutes of class.  Students may be turned away if there is a class that is scheduled to use the media center.  Students are not allowed to bring food and drink into the library.



    All textbooks are checked out and returned to the media center.  Initial and final checkouts in September and end of year.


    Gateway Award

    Students in grades 9-12 can participate in a reading program that has 15 preselected books that are read over the course of a year.  In March students from across Missouri vote on their favorite with the winner announced at the end of April.