Policies & Procedures

  • The policies and procedures were developed to help Truman students act reasonably, responsibly, and respectfully in all situations.

    Building Procedures:

    Students will:

    • keep hands and feet to themselves
    • use appropriate language and gestures
    • walk quietly to the right in the hallways
    • carry a hall pass when not accompanied by an adult
    • wear appropriate clothing and shoes
    • wear trousers appropriately (no sagging)
    • show respect for and follow all directions given by building staff

    Recess Procedures:

    Students will:

    • walk to and from the playground quietly
    • use equipment appropriately and stay in designated areas
    • listen for and follow the directions of the recess attendants
    • invite others to join who want to play, accept skill differences, and use appropriate language, including not putting others down
    • teach each other the rules of the game before the start of play
    • follow the rules and keep them the same during play
    • resolve conflicts peacefully 

    Lunchroom Procedures: 

    We encourage healthy eating habits and ask that students purchasing a school lunch not bring extra chips, candy, soda, juice, etc.  All food must be eaten in the cafeteria and food that is not eaten will be thrown away before the student is dismissed from the cafeteria.  Whenever possible, please pay for the week or the month.  This decreases the chance of lost lunch money and will help to move the lunch line along more smoothly.

    Students will:

    • walk in line according to lunch choice
    • take what they ordered
    • sit with their class
    • talk quietly and use good table manners
    • not trade or touch another student's food
    • use appropriate language
    • not throw food as well as not run or play in the cafeteria
    • not leave their seat without the permission of a lunch supervisor
    • clean their area, empty their tray and exit the cafeteria when given permission by a lunchroom supervisor


    Assembly Procedures:

    Students will:

    • enter and exit the gym in an orderly manner
    • sit in their assigned area
    • keep hands and feet to themselves and respect the presentation
    • be good listeners, answer questions and clap when appropriate

    Dress Code:

    • Solid navy or khaki pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers Capri pants or pant/slacks of appropriate size (no knit pants, leggins, jogging or cargo pants, no zippers or pocket on pant legs)
    • Uniforms must be worn and belted at the natural waist (no sagging) and made of cotton and/or twill (no denim)
    • Shorts,skirts, skorts and jumpers must be no shorter than three inches above the knee
    • Solid white or solid navy collared shirts may have the school insignia if one is available but no other ornamentation is permitted
    • All shirts must be tucked inside clothing
    • Solid white or solid navy socks or tights
    • Solid white or navy sweaters or sweatshirts may be worn over uniform shirts (no hooded sweatshirts)
    • No hats, caps, or sunglasses may be worn in the building
    • Extreme hair color/style that causes a disruption or interferes with the learning environment will not be allowed



    The S.U.P.E.R. (Students Understanding the Purpose of their Education and Responsibility) is the discipline model being utilized.  The plan contains a five-step process that consists of verbal warning/redirection, reflection (safe spot in own classroom), think sheet (written response in a buddy room), parent contact, and/or administrative action if needed.  Students are expected to follow their classroom rules as well as our school-wide expectations.  Behaviors requiring a mode severe consequence may not follow the five-step process.


    Regular School Hours:

    Mondays-Friday: 7:40 a.m. - 2:40 p.m.

    Half Day Early Release Wednesdays: 7:40 a. m. - 11:40 a. m.