Racial Equity Work in HMC-1

  • Over the past few years, HMC-1 staff have participated in courageous conversations about our personal (often unrecognized) racial biases and systemic practices, which result in the predictably lower academic achievement of students of color. Per a board-approved policy, our program expanded this work to each building’s leadership team. The ultimate goal is for all staff to engage in meaningful, ongoing interracial dialogue about race and how it affects our students’ education. Close to 60% of HMC-1 staff have completed Beyond Diversity training. We are finding, per this work, that we all must stay engaged, experience discomfort, speak our truth, and expect/accept non-closure if we are going to deepen interracial dialogue about race as a means of effectively educating our students. It too matters!


    Soar Team





    The Hickman Mills C-1 School District believes:

    • Our students of color can achieve at the same level as their white counterparts.
    • All students have a right to a culturally relevant curriculum. We believe that all stakeholders are encouraged to speak their truth in an environment that is free of bias and stereotypes.
    • That understanding and honoring the cultural background and beliefs of all families is an integral part of the learning process. 
    • Procedures and practices that perpetuate institutional racism must be interrupted, addressed, and corrected. 
    • Culturally competent staff members are valued as the foundation of a system that is working to eliminate institutional racism. 
    • Positive and meaningful partnerships that reflect and support the racial and ethnic diversity of the student population and community are essential to student success. 
    • Eliminating racial achievement disparities is a lifelong journey. We believe that providing a highly effective public education to students of color is a critical investment.
    • The Hickman Mills School District will become a model of highly effective education for students of color and white students, by collaboratively ensuring the interruption of all practices that lead to racial achievement disparities.
    • In the development of racially literate students. 




    The Hickman Mills School District will become a model for providing a highly effective, culturally responsive education for all students.




    The Hickman Mills School District is committed to eliminating practices that result in predictably lower academic achievement of students of color.




    The district's ongoing racial equity work is led by district and school building teams. Those teams include the District Executive Equity Team (DELT), building Equity Teams (E-Team), building CARE Teams and Students Organized for Anti-Racism (SOAR). Each team works toward the goals outlined in the district's Equity Transformation Plan. 


    DELT examines district policies, practices, programs, structures, climate, and culture to identify barriers to equity and excellence, and leads systemic change efforts that result in high levels of achievement for all students.


    E-Teams serve as a bridge between teacher’s current understanding and skill level and the vision of quality instruction that is where they need to be. E-Teams work to support teachers in their preparation to engage in equity and anti-racism work at the classroom level.


    CARE is designed to support teachers in discovering the challenges that exist in their relationships with students of color and then to improve their instructional delivery accordingly. As a part of CARE, each teacher partners with a focus group of students of color to better understand aspects of teaching that positively impact student learning.


    *Racial Equity Team definitions by Pacific Education Group