Racial Equity Work in HMC-1

  • Over the past couple of years, HMC-1 staff have participated in courageous conversations about our personal (often unrecognized) racial biases and systemic practices, which result in the predictably lower academic achievement of students of color. Per a board-approved policy, our program expanded this work to each building’s leadership team. The ultimate goal is for all staff to engage in meaningful, ongoing interracial dialogue about race and how it affects our students’ education. Close to 60% of HMC-1 staff have completed Beyond Diversity training. We are finding, per this work, that we all must stay engaged, experience discomfort, speak our truth, and expect/accept non-closure if we are going to deepen interracial dialogue about race as a means of effectively educating our students. It too matters!

    Yolanda Cargile, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of HMC-1