Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Dana Ostertag

Years of Teaching Experience:

12 years of teaching experience

    5 years in Houston, TX

    4 years in Kansas City, Mo 

    3 years in Shanghai, China


Area of Expertise:

Physical Education, Athletic Coaching


Coaching History:

11 years. Specialties in Volleyball, Basketball, and Track & Field 


Teaching Certifications:

K-12 Physical Education 

K-12 Health Education

EC-12 ESL Supplemental


Education Background:

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Minnesota State University of Mankato

      Bachelor's of Science in Teaching-Physical Education

Currently studying and earning my Master's Degree in Educational Leadership



A little about Coach O:

I am passionate about physical activity and sports. When attending university, I played volleyball for 4 years. I discovered my love for teaching while taking education courses in college, specifically teaching through physical education. After graduation, I moved to Houston, Texas, to start my teaching career. I spent a wonderful 5 years teaching and coaching there at the middle school level.  My family brought me to Kansas City, where I worked in the Hickman Mills School district for 3 years before taking an international teaching position in Shanghai, China. I have had a great career that has taken me all over the world, but I am grateful to be back home here at Ruskin. Personally, when I am not busy teaching and coaching, I spend most of my free time studying and with my family! I enjoy cooking, traveling, and going to sporting events. 



Class Schedule  & Google Classroom Codes

1st Hour       Health                  Class Code: 6w6schh                    

2nd Hour      SLC                        

3rd Hour       Lunch Duty                 

4th Hour       Weightlifting        Class Code: 3rea2cx               

5th Hour       Girls PE              Class Code: bqpimsw        

6th Hour       Girls PE              Class Code: wl5lat6                 

7th Hour       Lunch Duty  

8th Hour       PLAN