Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Dana Ostertag

Years of Teaching Experience:

11 years of experience

    5 years in Houston, TX

    3 years in Kansas City, Mo 

    3 years in Shanghai, China


Area of Expertise:

Physical Education, Athletic Coaching


Coaching History:

11 years. Specialties in Volleyball, Basketbal, and Track & Field 


Teaching Certifications:

EC-12 Physical Education 

EC-12 ESL Supplemental


Education Background:

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Minnesota State University of Mankato

      Bachelor's of Science in Teaching-Physical Education

      Athletic Coaching Minor


A little about Coach O:

I am passionate about physical activity and sports. When attending university I played volleyball for 4 years. I discovered my love for teaching while taking education courses in college, specifically teaching through physical education. After graduation I moved to Houston, Texas to start my teaching career. I spent a wonderful 5 years teaching and coaching there at the middle school level.  My family brought me to Kansas City where I worked here in Hickman Mills School district for 3 years before taking an international teaching position in Shanghai, China. I have had a great career that has taken me all over the world but I am grateful to be back home here at Ruskin. Personally, when I am not busy teaching and coaching, I spend most of my time free time with my family! I enjoy cooking, traveling, and going to sporting events. 



Class Schedule

1st Hour       Health                  

2nd Hour      SLC                        

3rd Hour       Girls PE                  

4th Hour       Health                    

5th Hour       Girls PE                

6th Hour       Girls PE                  

7th Hour       Weights & Cond      

8th Hour       PLAN