MLA and APA Citation help

  • Need some help citing your work? This is the place to be! Here are several links to sites that will help you properly cite your work in either APA or MLA.


    Purdue Owl - MLA

    The Purdue Owl site walks you through how to properly cite your sources. If you need an explination on how and when to cite certain types of sources, this is where to start.


     Purdue Owl - APA

    Similar to the Purdue Owl - MLA, but for APA!


    Son of Citation Machine

    You can choose what citation you need. Just input the information you need and it will create the citation for you.


    Easy Bib

    Another easy to use citation creator. Choose your citation style and input the information you need.


    Microsoft Office

    Did you know you can create citations right in Microsoft word? This will walk you through how to do your citations in Microsoft 2007.