Degrees and Certifications:


1st Grade Lead District Teacher

(816) 316-8448                                                                                                                                              

Years of Experience:

5 Years

Educational background:

2015 Bachelor of Science Elementary Education-University of Central Missouri 

2019 Masters of Science in Elementary Education Curriculum & Instruction- University of Central Missouri 


2019-2020 Ervin Elementary Teacher of the Year

  Why I Chose Education as My Career of Choice:

I chose education because I wanted to be the change that is desperately needed in our educational system. I did not have my first teacher of color until I was in middle school. I want children of color to be able walk through their school and see educators that look like them! I chose to teach in an Urban district because it is very personal for me. I want ALL children to thrive regardless of their race. Teaching is the BEST decision I have ever made with my career path! If I had a choice to do it all over again, I would pick teaching every time! 

My Dream for Myself:

The dream I have for myself is to live my best life in all aspects!

 Personal Interests:

I love to travel the world and explore. If I am not in the classroom, I am on a plane! I love spending time with my family, friends, and boyfriend. I love shopping and going to brunch. I just love living life to the fullest!