Filing a Parent Concern

  • Providing a safe and effective environment for our students to learn in is a top priority of HMC-1. Therefore, parents, guardians, and students who have feedback, questions, concerns, or a complaint are always welcome to contact a school official. 

    If you have a concern and wish to communicate with school administration, you will be asked to follow the steps below:

    1. The parent/guardian should first make contact with the principal to seek a resolution.
    2. If the principal and parent/guardian cannot resolve the issue, the parent/guardian should contact the HMC-1 Administration Office at (816) 316-7000. Contact Venus Murphy, Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Academics Services, at
    3. If the parent/guardian and the direct supervisor still cannot resolve the issue, they can then contact the Superintendent's office to seek a resolution.
    4. If the parent/guardian and Superintendent cannot resolve the issue, they can reach out to a member of the Board of Education, typically the Board President.


    For more information about the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015, click here