HMC-1 Education Pledge with Students, Parents, & The Community

  • Essential elements of the HMC-1 Education Pledge:

    • Strong district schools
    • Rigorous early learning and elementary education
    • Innovative secondary schools
    • Excellence for ALL students
    • Services for our neediest children and families

    A High-Quality Education is Every Child’s Civil Right...As educators, we must deliver on this essential principle.

    The District’s Pledge is to:

    • Guarantee pathways to opportunity that will lead to achievement and success in exchange for being your best you
    • Hold high expectations for student achievement
    • Foster a collaborative culture focused on continuous improvement for everyone
    • Recruit and retain highly qualified personnel who reflect the diversity of our community and embrace the District’s mission & vision
    • Model, acknowledge, and celebrate behaviors that are consistent with our mission & vision and address those that are not
    • Encourage informed communication and purposeful involvement of home, school, and community
    • Maintain a safe and secure learning environment
    • Maintain a high respect for all HMC-1 stakeholders, including parents, students, staff, community members, and visitors

    The Parent’s Pledge is to:

    • Place a high focus on education.
    • Make sure your child(ren) attends school and all classes every day
    • Make sure your child(ren) completes his/her in-school work to the best of his/her ability
    • Make sure your child(ren) engages in additional study time (up to two hours each day) outside of school hours.
    • Make sure you and your child(ren) show respect for teachers and for staff
    • Support and attend your child(ren)’s school events when possible

    The Student’s Pledge is to:

    • Be your best you.
    • Learn at a rate that positions you for a successful future
    • Dedicate sufficient time outside of class to complete your homework
    • Attend school every day and on time
    • Communicate in a careful and respectful manner with teachers, peers, and other members of the HMC-1 family

    HMC-1 asks the Community to:

    • Attend District events
    • Actively participate in the All In Mentors Program
    • Adopt a school
    • Sponsor a student
    • Share our good news with the community at large & become a District Ambassador

    It Starts with Me.
    It Continues with You.
    It Depends on Us.