Staff Commitments

  • Our Norms

    • We believe in providing exceptional customer service.
    • We believe that we play a key role in providing a welcoming environment.
    • We believe that teamwork is a critical part of the district’s success.
    • We believe in maintaining respectful, professional relationships with our colleagues.
    • We believe in staying focused on accomplishing the district’s priorities.
    • We believe that diversity and equity are essential to an effective workplace.
    • We believe in being passionate about what we do, each and every day.

    Our Commitments

    As a member of the central office administrative team, we are committed to:

    • Providing service, support, and solutions to all stakeholders
    • Providing leadership to all stakeholders
    • Creating conditions in which all stakeholders feel they are valued
    • Supporting a system that provides for a high quality education for its students
    • Operating as a highly effective, cohesive unit
    • Clearly communicating with all stakeholders
    • Regularly recognizing team members
    • Following the norms of professionalism and holding ourselves accountable