Miss Kimberly Matsen



Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Kimberly Matsen


Email (District)


Phone Number (District)  

816-316-7700, Ext----7641


Project Lead the Way, Magic of Electrons Teacher

Years of teaching experience

10 years of teaching experience

9 years of administration experience             

Area of expertise

Physical Education, Health, Educational Leadership

Educational background

BA from Westmar University, LeMars, Iowa

Masters of Athletic Administration,  William Woods University

Masters for Administration, School Leadership

12 Hours of Masters for Recreation


Employee of the month----Imagine Schools

Regional employee of the year----Imagine Schools

Employee of the year-----Imagine Schools

Metro Coach of the year-------Westport High School

Why I Chose Education as My Career of Choice

I believe that it is important that the decision be based on criteria that reflect your personal values, temperaments, experiences, and skills.

When I was a student in elementary, middle, and high school, as well as in college, I found myself paying attention to the really good teachers that engaged us in their lesson.  It seemed to me then that most of my teachers enjoyed what they were doing. I also felt that my teachers personally derived from what they were doing, it wasn't until middle school that I began to think that I might want to be a teacher. Slowly at first, then more quickly, and with increasing clarity and depth, I began to visualize myself as a teacher.

All of the great teachers I had throughout my education are my heroes and my role models. I wanted to excel at the things in which they excelled, but I also experienced teachers who were not effective, and they too taught me something.  From them I learned what I would not do or even try when I would someday become a teacher. I fully realized that to be a teacher is truly a calling of not just the mind, but the heart as well.


Personal Interests

Scrap Booking

Mountain Hiking

Spending time at the Ocean

Spending time with my family