Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Josiah Pennington

Josiah Pennington



Years of teaching experience


Area of expertise


Educational background

 2013 Bachelor of Arts in K-12 Art Education, Evangel University


Why I Chose Education as My Career of Choice

 Art is a conundrum and a solution. It is essential to the human experience and also is the culmination of entire societies and cultures. It represents the frail individuality we all experience, the socio-psychology of our times, and the advances of our scientific fields. Art is a medium through which we learn what it is to be human, what values and cultures are open to our experience, and it is our voice in a world far bigger than any one of us. To be able to give the culture and intellectual investment of mankind to the next generation is a great gift and opportunity.

Personal Interests

 I love making things wether it be bookmaking, carpentry, painting, drawing, or more efficient systems and ideas. I also enjoy narrative video games, reading, and spending time camping.