Degrees and Certifications:

Parker Bryant

Years of teaching experience:

3 years


Area of Expertise:

Special Education


Educational background

2013: Bachelors of Science in Sports Administration/Mass Media- Baker University

2015: Masters of Science in Higher Education Student Affairs- Fort Hays State University

2021: Alternative Certification in Special Education- Northwest Missouri State


Why I Chose Education as My Career of Choice:

      The best teacher I ever had quoted "A great individual inspires others to be better than they can ever imagine." For example, this teacher would tap into our social-emotional needs, wants, and interests to help us connect to learning different content areas. This teacher went even as far as to connect it to our career interests. I was inspired by the teachers ability to connect with students on a personal level while seeing students achieve and grow while enjoying the work they are doing. I strive to bring that passion and type of relationship with students everyday to make students the best individuals they can be socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

Personal Interests: 

Watching and playing sports, Meditation, Yoga, Social-Emotional Development, Cooking.