Welcome to Hickman Mills C-1 School District


    Supt. Yaw ObengMeet Superintendent Yaw Obeng!

    Thank you for trusting me to lead Hickman Mills C-1 Schools into its next chapter. In my role as Superintendent, I am dedicated and eager to work with the Board of Education and our highly effective staff to create positive synergy and accomplish our primary purpose - graduating citizens who are prepared for college, career and a high quality of life. For more than 100 years, HMC-1 has served this community through sweeping social, cultural, economic and political changes. We have met and will continue to meet the challenges the future holds for us. We will build on the legacy of our diverse community and celebrate our collaborative brighter future. I will work relentlessly to ensure we continue our rich heritage by building on past successes, continuing to utilize optimal data-driven practices and create strong quality partnerships to best serve our HMC-1 families. I’m truly honored to serve!

    Yaw Obeng, M.Ed.
    Superintendent of Schools
    (816) 316-7000

  • Imperfect LeaderRelentless Leadership with Yaw Obeng
    An Imperfect Leader: The Superintendents and Leadership Podcast

    Intro: As I prepared for this week’s episode, I traded in personal anecdotes with a traditional story, one about two farmers and their approach to change.

    One always bought the latest tools for his farm, hoping they would solve his problems. Meanwhile, his neighbor focused on building relationships with other farmers, learning from their experiences, and sharing his own knowledge.

    When a drought hit, the first farmer struggled alone with his fancy equipment, while his neighbor’s network came together to devise solutions.

    In the end, it was the approach of building in instead of buying in, and harvesting the wisdom of his community that led to a thriving farm and a stronger, more resilient village. My guest today, Yaw Obeng, taught me that term, building in.

    In Part 1, we talk about how he chose the word relentless for their theme and how it became a living word.

    In Part 2, during his After-Action Review, Yaw describes the changing of attendance areas and what he learned from that experience.

    I am Peter Stiepleman and this is An Imperfect Leader.