• Crossroads to the Future

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    A crossroad is an intersection of two or more roads or a point at which an individual makes crucial decisions that have far-reaching consequences. For students, the Hickman Mills C-1 School District (HMC-1) is the crossroad where their academic efforts have a lasting impact on their futures. Therefore, HMC-1 school’s motivation is to guide our students to their desired destiny through emphasizing student success which includes four major parts:

    1. Student Achievement: Developing minds with an aptitude for acquiring knowledge and communicating skillfully.
    2. Social-Emotional Health: Enhancing empathy, active listening, and emotional intelligence, making leaders that influence change in their community.
    3. Ethical Development: Focusing on the understanding of how human rights and social justice meet to predict the outcome of our student's development and future.
    4. Physical Development: Promoting mental and physical wellness by developing healthy habits of exercise, a well-balanced diet, and proper amounts of rest.
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