• Since 1902, hundreds of thousands of students have attended school in Hickman Mills C-1 School District. The school district has a rich history, and the alums are proud to be part of Missouri's first consolidated school district. HMC-1 has evolved from a rural community to a vital and diverse urban setting. Yet, throughout its history, one thing remains the same, a focus on high academic standards and a nurturing environment for our most reassured resource – our children. 

    Our Alumni must continue to support the vision and community they come from and give back to the future of South Kansas City. This website page aims to help alums reconnect with their classmates and the current students of HMC-1.



    The Hickman vs. Ruskin Rivalry Renewed Alumni basketball event will feature four coed basketball games and halftime performances. The first three games are split into the eras when the alums attended high school. The last game is an All-Star game with the best players from all generations.

    • Date: Saturday, November 19, 2022
    • Time: 3:00pm – 7:00pm                                                                   
    • Location: Smith-Hale Gym (Formally known as Hickman Mills High School)       

    • 3:00 pm Game 1 – 1974-1989 Alumni
    • 4:00 pm Game 2 – 1990-1999 Alumni
    • 5:00 pm Game 3 – 2000-2012 Alumni
    • 6:00 pm Game 4 – Best Players (All-Star Game across all generations) 

    The games will be 40-minutes in length, with a 20-minute running clock in each half. All players must’ve played for either the Hickman or Ruskin basketball team for at least one year during their time in high school. Each team will have a maximum of 15 players. It costs $20 for athletes to play, which covers insurance and the team uniform.


    Player Sign-up Links: SIGN-UP LINKS: 


    For Team Ruskin, below is the sign-up link:

    Team Ruskin Registration Form


    For Team Hickman, below is the sign-up link: 

    Team Hickman Registration Form