Records Request
  • What is a Sunshine Request?

    The Sunshine Law represents a commitment to openness and transparency as represented in Chapter 610 of the Revised Statutes or Missouri. The Office of the Superintendent is the custodian of records for the district and works in collaboration with the Communications Department to receive and respond to open records requests. In order for individuals to have access to public records, each public governmental body is required to make their custodian’s name and contact information available upon request.


    As a general rule, you will be charged, in accordance with the law, for the costs of copies and for the time spent researching, locating, and copying the requested records. You will be required to pay all estimated costs prior to receiving the records.

    You may request an estimate of the cost before the district researches, compiles, and copies the records. You may also request that the anticipated fees be waived or reduced. A written request for a fee waiver or reduction must be submitted to the Superintendent or designee at the time the records are requested. 


    Response Time

    District staff will respond to your request within three (3) business days following the day we receive your request. If you do not receive access within three (3) days, you will be given a reason for the delay. Please understand that you may not receive access to all records requested if the records are closed and confidential under state or federal law.


    If you would like access to district records, please fill out the form completely to assist us in accurately responding to your request.

    HMC-1 Sunshine Request Form

    Before you take the time to fill out this form, check this district website. The information you are looking for might already be posted online.