Flyer Distribution with Peachjar

  • Peachjar LogoTo enhance access to programs and resources that positively impact the trajectory of our students' lives, HMC-1 is utilizing Peachjar's services to post approved flyers on each school's website. Peachjar helps ensure accessibility to important information and announcements for parents, guardians, students, and staff. The Communications and Community Engagement Department has outlined the following information and guidelines regarding utilizing the Peachjar platform.

    Peachjar for families:

    With Peachjar, discover a centralized hub for all essential school and community updates! In addition to email notifications from your school, easily access all active flyers by locating the 'Peachjar' button or icon on your school website.


    To support the fundamental educational goals of the district and directly enhance student experiences, HMC-1 establishes the following guidelines for posted information:

    • The information must align with the district's educational mission and provide intrinsic value to students.
    • Posts must comply with Board policy and state and federal laws.
    • Promotion of illegal substances or materials inconsistent with school objectives is prohibited.
    • Content must not be lewd, obscene, libelous, or discriminatory.
    • Posts should not incite unlawful behavior, violate school rules, or disrupt operations.
    • Political endorsements are prohibited unless all perspectives are presented equally during school hours or scheduled events.
    • Endorsement of specific products or services by the district is not implied.
    • Peachjar and HMC-1 may request nonprofit status verification.

    For eFlyer posting, credits, or refunds, contact Peachjar at 858-997-2117, ext. 130.

    Each request will undergo review by the Communications and Community Engagement Department, considering the outlined criteria. Non-approval of posted information does not reflect disapproval of the activity/event but is made in the best interest of Hickman Mills C-1 Schools.


    CLICK HERE to see current Peachjar flyers.

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