8th Grade Completion Ceremony


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    Dear Eighth Grade Parents/Guardians and Students,


    Let us take this opportunity to congratulate you on your academic accomplishments and invite you to participate in the upcoming recognition ceremony for Smith-Hale Middle School. As we are quickly approaching the day of recognition, we want to provide you with information regarding the ceremony. To help ensure our ceremony is a memorable day for our students and guests, this letter is designed to answer any questions you may have as you look forward to celebrating this important time.


    I. Seating & Parking

    Seating will be limited due to accommodations in the gymnasium for students, teachers, and guests, which means that seating will be on a first come first serve basis. Please plan accordingly.


    II. Recognition Ceremony Exercises

    Our recognition ceremony will be held on Wednesday, June 5th at 9:30 am in the gymnasium. The doors will be open to guests for early seating at 9:00 am. Please try to arrive early, as our entrance will be prohibited from 9:30 until all students and teachers have entered the gymnasium. All participating eighth graders are to report to their first hour class at 8:30 am to be lined up for the ceremony.


    III. Recognition Ceremony Practice

    Practice for all participating eighth graders will be held during the school day on Tuesday, June 4th at 2:00 pm. All students are required to be present for rehearsal in order to participate in the ceremony.


    IV. Eligibility for Participating in Recognition Ceremony

    All eighth graders are invited to participate in the recognition ceremony provided that they are academically eligible to do so. Students who have any behavior issues (ISS or OSS) from May 20, 2019 - June 4, 2019 (will not be permitted to participate).


    V. Recognition Ceremony Attire

    All students participating in the recognition ceremony are expected to wear the following:

    Boys: Dress pants with a belt around waist, no sagging, collared shirt, dress shoes. Tie is optional, No sneakers, No sports sandals (Flip Flops).

    Girls: You can wear a dress, dress pants or a skirt. (No sneakers, No strapless sandals, and No revealing or backless tops). *All school dress code rules will be followed during the ceremony.


    VI. Recognition Ceremony Audience Behavior

    It is the goal of Smith-Hale Middle School to provide a positive recognition ceremony that reflects the quality of our students at Smith-Hale. We ask that the audience behavior at the ceremony be consistent with the significance of the occasion. We request holding applause for students until all names have been announced; however, shouting out names or small demonstrations are not permitted. In addition, balloons, noise makers, large flower arrangements and other large items will not be allowed in the gym. We are asking parents of our honorees to share these guidelines with their invited guests. Guests under the age of 18 must enter and sit with an adult.

    We hope that this information will be helpful to you in planning for the upcoming recognition ceremony. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to call Mr. Madden at (816) 316-7700. On behalf of the entire Smith-Hale Middle School Faculty and Staff, we thank you for being a part of the “Eagle Family." We are looking forward to seeing you on June 5, 2019.



    Derek A. Jordan, Sr.

    Mr. Derek Jordan, Sr., Ed.S. Principal Smith-Hale Middle School

    Mr. Robb Madden, Ed.S. Eighth Grade Assistant Principal

    Ms. Renna Gordon Ed.Ş. Seventh Grade Assistant Principal