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Sixth Grade Student Goes Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond: Dominic BranchOn February 23, 2023, during the February Hickman Mills C-1 School Board meeting, Superintendent Yaw Obeng recognized Hickman Mills 6th Grade Center student Dominic Branch for his outstanding achievements in school.

Dominic’s principal Dr. Chad Ryerson says, “Dominic is one of the most lively, animated students on team 6-4. He is a natural leader with a charismatic, extremely likable personality. It’s hard not to smile when Dominic is around. He excels in math and continues to progress in reading, science, and social studies. Team 6-4 would not be the same without him!”

Dominic was recognized not only for his excellence in the classroom, but also for his willingness to step up to be a leader within the school. When asked to help guide a group of district leaders and visitors around the school, Dominic was willing and provided a thoughtful, entertaining tour of the building and showcased its warm, welcoming culture.

Congratulations Dominic!

Above & Beyond is an HMC-1 Superintendent Yaw Obeng initiative that will recognize scholars who demonstrate a commitment to their educational development in various aspects of school and the community.

Throughout the school year, Superintendent Obeng highlights students reaching for the stars through academic achievement, contributing to their school or community through service, showing leadership, or modeling good character and citizenship. Students who receive the Above and Beyond award will also receive prizes and monetary gifts. The Above & Beyond Initiative is funded through personal donations from Superintendent Obeng and contributions from individuals and organizations in the community.